My current projects, at various stages of development, include the following:

  1. A book about Pierre Bayle’s theory of religious toleration that will situate the theory in its historical context, present the theory systematically, and criticize the theory from the points of view of contemporary philosophy, religion, and politics.
  2. A philosophical book about chess, tentatively entitled What is Chess?  The current table of contents devotes one chapter to each of the ten answers I give to the titular question: Game, Science, Art, Sport, Psychological Laboratory, Turing Test, War, Boys’ Club, Moral Theory, and Complete Education.
  3. A pedagogical research project on case-based approaches to Philosophy teaching.  Currently I teach Biomedical Ethics entirely using cases, and in the past I have taught Cyberethics in this way.  In the future I hope to adapt the case method to courses in the history of philosophy, focusing lectures on historical events of philosophical importance and related philosophical texts.
My Bayle books.
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